HERIN was born with the intention to build a sustainable fashion brand for the young Indian consumer a one-of-a-kind brand that would cater to women of all shapes and sizes and help them celebrate their bodies.

We thought it’s about time we officially introduced ourselves and we are sure you’ll already be keeping up to date with us on socials. I spent my entire childhood believing that I would grow up and make things and I would be “an artist” as my profession.

You know what else I learned?

That the only way to be truly successful in business is to build a business around the life you want, not the other way around.

Our styles are made to embody the three foundational brand pillars of body positivity, sustainability, and size inclusivity. Designed with petite-friendly hemlines, curve-accentuating silhouettes, and a minimalistic colour and print palette.

This obsession with creating confidence-through-clothing grew into a social media phenomenon that resonated with women across the globe, who gravitated to the sense of approachable luxury that we have become renowned for.